Team Work…

At Rasta there are many tasks to be completed which will be dependent on the length of your stay.

We very much welcome short-term volunteers to help with more general, ongoing jobs and lighter work such as maintenance of the grounds, painting and decorating, developing and maintaining the vegetable garden, harvesting fruits and collecting wood for the fire or plants for the biogas generator. Maintaining the RASTA online presence is also an important task, so regularly updating our website, our Facebook page as well as checking and answering emails for bookings for our guesthouse or Ayuervedic treatments. There is high level of freedom and leeway to discuss and develop your own project for the benefit of RASTA.


…room for development…

If you plan to stay for a longer period of time, there are more skilled jobs for you, such as the renovation of the round house building, which is only partially constructed (structural construction, electrics, plumbing, windows). Architectural plans to convert this into a communal/training space have already been drawn. Other jobs include making furniture for the guest house, dormitory and communal dining area. A future project in our consideration includes the construction of a number of tree houses around the grounds that will offer a unique stay experience. We ask for anybody with experience in tree house design that can offer their knowledge and ideas on how to bring this plan into fruition to get in touch. But of course there are also a lot of tasks in our office, like project development, fundraising, general administration tasks and many more. Whatever you want to do here, there is always a way to adjust your tasks to your skills, interests and needs.

…and Chillout

During your stay at RASTA you will not only get the opportunity to broaden your personal skills and get first-hand working experience in an NGO working on grassroot level, but you will also get in touch with the culture of southern India and you will experience the live in a rural area. As well the Wayanad District with its unique nature offers you a lot of opportunities for day trips and our campus, situated in a tranquile area, is the perfect place for recreation.

Rasta Volunteering Gallery

RASTA is situated in ideal place of rural setting. It has an all whether approachable road leading to it and is situated in the center of the district. RASTA has its own premises of 1.5 acres, where it has established its basic infrastructure. The region enjoys cool climate except for the months April and May, which are slightly warm. The campus is well wooded with trees and medicinal plants and is facing paddy fields. Administrative block The administrative block consists of all sector wise offices and Mushroom research lab. The campus is electrified. Sufficient quantity of water is available for meeting the need of the training programmes. It has also established a solar system of 500 watts for meeting part of its energy.

My experience

My name is Martin and I have been working as a volunteer for RASTA for the last 6 months. Below, I’d like to share my personal experiences with you, to give you an impression of what it is like to work with RASTA and to live in this rural region of southern India. I hope my report will help you in your decision whether or not to volunteer for RASTA.


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Open Positions

We are currently looking for three long-term Volunteers (6-12 Month).

Fundraising Volunteer

Yoga / Guesthouse Volunteer

Permaculture Volunteer

Come and Join Us.