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Donations from Foreign Nationals and Other Countries (FCRA Account)

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State Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch

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Solar Home Lighting Systems

Bringing light into the lives of people. The Solar Home Lighting Systems initiative is carried out with the help of barefoot college. So far barefoot solar engineers have lighted up 165 formerly non electrified houses. It is the first time that those households are illuminated by bright and ecofriendly lights. This programme is focussing on settlements that are mostly located inside remote forest areas and hence have no chances to be connected to the power supply system.




Vocational Skill Training for Women


Women in our society are completely financially dependent on their husbands since they usually don’t get an opportunity to gain any kind of vocational skills or qualifications. Instead of practicing an income-generating profession they are considered to be housewives, i.e. their common task assignment is restricted to housework and parenting. This discrimination of women also extends to the job market. Even if a woman is allowed to go for work, the only jobs they can find are in farming, constructing and tailoring sectors where they earn far less money than men. But with regard to the poor families in Wayanad, an additional income by the wives would be an important relief. This holds even more true for widows and their families. For them an income-generating job is nothing less than vital.




Integrated Water Resource Management


Persistent soil erosion and water scarcity within the hilly Balal Panchayath inspired RASTA to help local people and famers by providing appropriate water and irrigation facilities. Starting in February 2013, the first implementation phase of this comprehensive project is expected to be finalized in June 2015.



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